Why Choose Us?

It can be a daunting prospect facing a complex technical problem with your computer or gadget, and we are mindful of that when we work with you to get problems solved or new technology put in place. Our engineers are trained in how to speak with not only computers effectively, but also people – so you don't feel silly asking questions or raising your technical issues.

Our Happiness Guarantee

A big reason why to choose us is our industry-leading Happiness Guarantee. Happiness from technology that is, not life in general! If you're not entirely happy with the quality of work, or service you received, we won't charge you. If you're only 80% happy with the job we just completed, let us know and if we can't make you 100% happy then we'll only charge you 80%.

Other reasons to choose us

No fix. No Fee. If we don't fix the problem, you're not going to be happy – which goes against our Happiness Guarantee. So, we don't feel it's right to charge you if we don't actually do anything.

Quality Engineers. Our Engineers are highly trained and extremely passionate about technology. All our engineers are, or are studying to become, a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE). To get this highly regarded industry qualification you need to sit at least 7 Microsoft exams, all of which often takes 2-3 years to study and complete.

Quality service. We constantly train and coach our engineers in how to provide excellent customer service. It's important to us that our engineers enjoy talking with people as much as computers – we specifically recruit for it. And to keep in mind the small things that go into a great service experience: turning up on time; being patient – especially with customers with little computer knowledge or experience; doing what you say you will; answering the phone promptly and politely; and speaking clearly and without technical jargon.

Our Engineers are UK-based. Our engineers are all based in the UK. We don't offshore our jobs. In fact, we started ResponsibleIT specifically to create more UK jobs – for young people with a passion and talent for technology. You can read more about why under About Us.

We're a Microsoft Gold Partner. It takes a lot of hard and smart work to become a Microsoft Partner, and more so to be accredited Gold. Only 1 in 40 Microsoft Partners attain Gold certification. So you can trust we know our stuff!

All computers were created equal – we even look after Apple Macs. They're all just computers to us. And even though the Mac only has around 10% of the PC market share, many more than 10% of our clients use a Mac.

An Engineer answers the phone in 3 rings, 95% of the time. We feel it's important a well-trained and friendly Engineer answers our phones – it provides better service, and faster job resolution. Most of our jobs are taken through to completion by the Engineer who answers your call, and usually there-and-then on the phone. For trickier jobs they may need to do some research and come back to you.

Remote fix or home visit. To keep your costs down, we try to resolve most technical problems remotely. We take over your computer (after you've allowed us access to do so), investigate the problem and do our best to fix it while you watch what we do. For some problems we do need to come to your home. When that happens we arrange a specific time that is convenient for you, and then we turn up on time (if we don't, the job is free – per our Happiness Guarantee).

We're available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our office hours are 8.30am-6.00pm Monday-Friday. But if you really, really need help outside these hours, you can call us and an engineer on-duty will be there to help.

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