General Questions:

When are you open?
Our office hours and times we conduct visits are 8.30am-6.00pm Monday-Fridays. But if you really, really need help outside these hours, you can call us and an engineer on-duty will be there to help.

Can I really get support and help 24 hours service?
Sure can! If you need help outside our office hours, simply call us on 0844 414 2994 and an Engineer on-duty will be able to help you.

Is your service guaranteed?
Yep, we have a “No Fix. No Fee.” Policy, a 30 day warranty on all jobs and our Happiness Guarantee.

What services do you provide?
Basically helping you with anything to do with technology for your Third Sector Organisation. If you have a problem or question around any technology you use, we can help. The main things we help people with include computers, mobile phones, MP3 players, cameras, printers, scanners etc.

How do I contact ResponsibleIT?
Any time of the day call us on 0844 414 2994 email support@responsibleit.co.uk for computer and technology support or info@responsibleit.co.uk for anything else.

What is expected of me?

  • You must have valid software licences for your operating system and all applications on your computer(s). You must supply details of the relevant licence keys if we ask you for them
  • You must back-up your software and data
  • You agree to follow our reasonable instructions, including any security instructions
  • You are responsible for running current anti-virus and anti-spyware software

How do I apply for a job at ResponsibleIT?
Complete the form on our Careers page. We get around 300 applications for every role so please make sure you put forward your best effort (and not a generic application), and please don't be offended if we don't get in touch and ask you to come in for an interview. We are a very sought-after place to work.

Fees and Payment Questions:

What does it cost for me to send you my computer or gizmo to fix?
Well that depends on where in London you are located, and the size of the computer or gizmo you want to send us. It could be £5-£25 per journey, so double that if we need to courier it back to you. In many cases it is cheaper for you to courier us the computer or gizmo, than paying the minimum for a site visit. Call us on 0844 414 2994 or email support@responsibleit.co.uk to request a quote for your courier costs.

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept credit card (Visa, MasterCard), debit card and BACS payments. Unfortunately we don't accept payments in cash or by cheque, sorry.

Remote Fix Questions:

What are remote fixes?
This is where we take over your computer and fix your technical problem while you watch! You will see us moving the mouse and usually we are talking with you on the phone as we fix things. Before we can take over your computer you must authorise us on your computer, but we explain how to do this before we start the job. After the job is complete we disconnect from your computer and cannot get back onto it without your permission again.

Most of the computer problems we fix we do remotely as it's quicker and usually saves you costs (as there is a minimum charge of £19.99 for a site visit). If your problem is not related to your computer and we can't help you solve it by speaking with you over the phone - or your computer does not have a connection to the internet - we'll need to make a site visit to solve the problem.

What are the requirements for remote fixes?
You just need a computer with a working internet connection and a reasonably recent internet browser, like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari (if you are using a Mac).

What is a PIN code?
This is a 5 digit number we tell you over the phone and ask you to enter into a website, so we may take over your computer for a remote fix.

How do I sign up for remote fix?
You don't need to do anything, simply visit a website just as we are starting the remote fix. The Engineer will run you through the 2-3 quick steps you need to follow to let them take control of your computer.

How long does it take for my problem to be solved by remote fix?
Each job is different as your problem could be simple or complex. Generally most jobs take 30-60 minutes to resolve, obviously some are faster and some much longer.

Do I get unlimited remote support?
Yes, but you would only receive unlimited remote support on the software we provide with the package you pick. This means if you have our anti-virus, internet protection and off-site back up you will receive as much support as you need on those particular programs.

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