Customer Service

We do what we say we will. We turn up on time. We answer the phone within 3 rings 95% of the time. We keep your costs low by doing as much as we can remotely, and we quote you upfront. We also survey our jobs – to make sure you're happy (and if you're not, we use our Happiness Guarantee to ensure you are).

To ensure we know you are happy, our Service Delivery team emails every customer, which asks them 4 very quick questions about the computer support service provided:

  1. Did our engineer provide a suitable solution to your problem?
  2. How would you rate our service out of 10? (1 – very bad, 10 – excellent)
    If your rating was below 6, what did you feel our service lacked?
    • The problem was not solved?
    • Not value for money?
    • Customer Service unsatisfactory?
    • We were late for a visit or you were put on hold over the phone?
  3. Did you choose our service due to us being a social enterprise?
  4. Would you recommend us to a friend?

We genuinely want to ensure you are happy with our work, and if you're not we'll either fix it right away or refund you an amount until you are happy.

See more about our Happiness Guarantee.

Proactive customer service training. As well as industry-leading technical training, we provide proactive training and coaching on how our Engineers can provide the best customer service. We believe being technically good at what you do is only one aspect of great service. For you to have a terrific experience our Engineers need to be mindful of your time, costs and your feelings around your technology problem or question. Our Engineers are patient, explain things in non-technical mumbo-jumbo and take time to listen to you before jumping into the solution.

We turn up on time, at a time convenient to you. We know what it's like to sit at home all day waiting for a tradesperson to turn up and fix whatever is that'd broken - only to have them turn up late, not at all or somewhere in their 4-8 hour arrival window. We look at it a little differently. The time is yours, not ours, so we agree a time with our customers that is convenient for them and then we turn up on time - if we don't, that job is FREE.

An Engineer answers the phone in 3 rings, 95% of the time. We feel it is important a well-trained and friendly Engineer answers our phones – it provides better service, and faster job resolution. Most of our jobs are taken through to completion by the engineer that answers your call, and usually there-and-then on the phone. For trickier jobs they may need to do some research and come back to you.

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