February 2010

ResponsibleIT CEO interviewed by BBC Radio 4 (1 February 2010)

In January 2010 our CEO, Troy Trewin, was interviewed by BBC Radio 4 programme "You and yours" about the plight of the 2 most recent engineers to join ResponsibleIT CICs' sister-company, Lucidica. The I.T. Training company that helped them achieve their MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) qualification had recently gone into administration, leaving thousands of young people with £5,000+ in career development loans, many at almost 30% APR. Whilst the job promised by the training company did materialise (they started at Lucidica in mid-2009) the commitment to have their career development loan paid back by the training company once they were in a job, never occurred. That was then 4 Lucidica Engineers that had been affected by I.T. training companies promising the MCSE, a job at the end of the training AND for their career development loan to be repaid.

Since this was now the third I.T. training company to go into administration like this, leaving young people with debt – and some without the MCSE qualification – the Directors of Lucidica decided to offer a different training model. They launched their social enterprise, ResponsibleIT CIC, in July 2009 to allow young people aged 16-24 with no experience but a passion and talent for I.T. start a successful career. Read more about the ResponsibleIT CIC Apprentice here.

And listen to the 25 minute interview here.

January 2010

Prince's Trust fears jobless youth face mental scars (4 January 2010)

A recent YouGov poll of over 2,000 young people (aged 16-25 years) recently showed some startling side effects of youth unemployment. Accordingly to the BBC: "one in 10 of those who had been out of work had turned to drugs or alcohol abuse"; "those not in education or training were twice as likely to feel down, depressed, isolated or rejected"; and"that 25% of unemployed young people believed their joblessness had caused arguments with their parents or other relatives, and 15% said their life lacked direction." The increasing severity of the siutation -which will only be compounded in mid-2010 when the next batch of students graduate from university - was highlighted by Professor David Blanchflower, who was involved in the research:

"You need to get these folks into the labour market, and give them experience, because we know that in May, June and July the class of 2010 are coming out. We need to take this as a national crisis because it's going to flood us again later in the year." Read the full article here.

December 2009

ResponsibleIT is open over the Christmas break! (7 December 2009)

If you have any technology questions or problem over the festive holiday, especially with any new gadgets you get for Christmas!, be sure to call us on 0844 414 2994. We are open our usual weekday times (8am-10pm) Monday-Friday and weekend times (9am-5pm) on the bank holiday days. We hope everyone has a good break, and wish you a successful 2010.

November 2009

ResponsibleIT team up with The Sun and Microsoft to battle youth unemployment (5 November 2009)

The UK national newspaper The Sun and Microsoft have teamed up with 10 companies across the UK to lower youth unemployment. ResponsibleIT will be one of the ten companies to offer a I.T. apprenticeship to young people. The only requirements is that the applicant is over the age of 16, once they succeed they will be fast-tracked into a intensive 7 month training program, at the end they will achieve NVQ in I.T. and also highly desired Microsoft qualifications such as Microsoft Certified Technical Specialist and Microsoft Certified IT Professional. Read the full article here

October 2009

UK unemployment hits 2.47 million, almost 1 million of those young people (10 October 2009)

As unemployment in the UK soars, the impact on young people has been disastrous, as “one in five people aged between 16 and 24” are “now looking for work”, the “highest on record”.  An estimated “947,000” are out of work, nearing the landmark of one million, with fears of a new "lost generation" of young people.

Theresa May (Shadow work and pensions secretary)said she found thenumber of young people unemployed "disturbing", whilst she felt tacking this "culture of worklessness" would be vital. A pivotal “first step on the ladder” would be achieved by extra investment ensuring young peopleachieve a “first job, training or work experience." Read the full article here.

September 2009

£1 million cost for Ealing Council after Conflicker virus infection (4 September 2009)
The IT Pro website has reported "a shutdown of Ealing Council’s network was likely to have been the work of an infected memory stick - and forces a network-wide OS upgrade - to Windows XP."

The total cost of the virus, suspected to have been inflicted on the network accidentally by a Council worker plugging in a USB stick, is around the £1 million mark. The costs include: £129,000 from delays processing tickets, overtime, emergency ICT support and lost income; £500,000 for a Council-wide upgrade to Windows XP; £50,000-£100,000 for installing network security; and a further £202,000 to rebuild PCs and systems. Read the full article here.

Brown expands youth jobs scheme (2 September 2009)
The BBC reports the government is pledging a further 85,000 "opportunities" to help get young people into work.

"The Backing Young Britain campaign will see £1bn spent to create 100,000 new jobs for young people and a further 50,000 jobs in what it calls 'unemployment hotspots'. 'We have both a moral obligation and an economic need to make sure that young people involuntarily without jobs aren't lost to work,' Business Secretary Lord Mandelson told the BBC.

He said that the campaign meant the government would help companies train young people and include mentoring and internships, depending on the age. But its success depended on the private sector, Lord Mandelson added. 'The government cannot deliver these opportunities by itself,' he said.

More than 150 employers, including Microsoft and Pfizer, are said to be supporting the campaign." Read the full article here.

August 2009

45% of Microsoft's UK customers using the "machine check" option failed the Office Genuine test (25 August 2009)
The launch of Office Genuine Advantage (OGA) notifications on 25 August presents an opportunity for customers to get genuine. In the UK, 45% of customers using the "machine check" option to establish whether their copy of Office was genuine, failed validation between January and June this year. Read more here.

At the same time Microsoft announced a special offer - 20% off Windows 7 and Office 2007. Contact us to access this great deal, it's for a limited time only!

Britain faces losing a generation to unemployment (13 August 2009)
According to The Guardian "Britain faces losing a generation to unemployment after figures showed half the jobs lost over the past year were those of youngsters, pushing up the UK's youth joblessness rate to the highest in Europe."

"Official data showed that unemployment jumped by 220,000 in the three months to June to a 14-year high of almost 2.5 million - a jobless rate of 7.8%. There was a rise of more than 50,000 in the number of the under-25s without work to a total of 928,000 in June, fuelling the fears of a 'lost generation'". Read the full article here.

England youth drop-out rate rises (13 August 2009)
The BBC says "the number of young people in England not in employment or training has risen to 935,000, with rates rising most quickly in the West Midlands. The rate rose to 16% in the first quarter of this year from a roughly stable level of 14% since 2001. In a parliamentary answer, the Tories spokesman for universities and skills, David Willetts, was told that 935,000 young people in England were now classed as not being in education, employment or training (Neet) during the first quarter of this year."

Commenting on the article, ResponsibleIT CEO, Troy Trewin, said:

"One big positive we took from this is that our Borough, Hackney, has the highest youth unemployment in the Uk - at a massive 29%. We are perfectly situated to help tackle this issue, with our ground-breaking I.T. Apprenticeships." Read the full article here.

Young are hit hardest as jobs take a dive (2 August 2009)
The Sunday Times reports that nearly a fifth of 18 to 24-year-olds in Britain are out of work, part of a 5m army of young unemployed across the European Union. And the article goes on to explain the lifetime impact on unemployment on the youth:

"Research cited by Blanchflower suggests that those who experience unemployment when young suffer from permanent job-market disadvantages, because they miss the chance to build up experience and because when things do turn up, their education is rustier than the next lot of youthful new entrants to the labour market. One study showed that lifetime wages for those who suffer unemployment when young are between 13% and 21% lower than for others." Read the full article here

July 2009

ResponsibleIT recruits two highly experienced non-executive Directors (1 July 2009)
In July Richard Scott and Ralph Davies joined the board of social enterprise ResponsibleIT. The pair have held executive and non-executive positions at companies including House of Fraser, Moss Bros, London & Midlands Industrial and Deloitte & Touche.

"It is such a weight off the existing Directors' shoulders now having tremendous experience on the Board - over 50 years of tenure as a director combined. And to have access to such sage advice from both Richard and Ralph in terms of managing and growing a business - where strong corporate governance is vital - is invaluable.", said ResponsibleIT CEO, Troy Trewin. Read more about the Board here.

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