IT Apprentice Case Studies

We have asked our IT apprentices what it is like to work for ResponsibleIT.


Name: Tom De Avellar

Having been an Apprentice for two months now, you'd be amazed at the amount of technical knowledge as well as business skills I have learnt through dealing with clients. The most fun aspect of the job is learning new techniques involving technology, as well as the satisfying feeling of problem solving.

It was a very exciting moment when I realised my first tentative steps at work became much more assured. Looking back on my first few days at the workplace, I need not be so apprehensive about talking to unhappy or even angry customers. With the help of more Senior Engineers and dealing with the situation, you gain an invaluable amount of confidence and interpersonal skills.

The apprenticeship scheme – working for a period and then studying for a period – is the ideal set up. This allows you to implement new skills and understanding into the job, which greatly benefits both your studying and your work.


LewisName: Lewis Hay       

RIT: What is the most fun thing about your job?
LH: Given the opportunity to learn all the latest technology and use it in your every day job tasks.

RIT: What is the least fun thing about your job?
LH: Nothing about the job at all, more so the travelling to work can be horrible.

RIT: The most challenging thing about your Apprenticeship to date? 
LH: I would have to say the amount of knowledge to learn in a short space of time is astronomical, but with the guidance of RIT it makes it manageable.

RIT: What career do you want to pursue in I.T./technology (if you know it now) 
LH: Hardware, from installs to rebuilds or custom builds. I love being inside of a machine fixing it or giving it a new life span or upgrading it to perform the challenging and intense tasks required.

RIT: Funniest client story so far? 
LH: A client called up saying they have no sound coming from their machine, I log on to find someone had muted their sound on the taskbar.

RIT: What is your favourite piece of technology? 
LH: Graphic Cards, because of their ability to render amazing out of this world images to a display.

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